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Our Story


Our story

Scalliwags Preschool CIO is ...

A local community-based, registered charity, pre-school for children aged 2 to 5 years old which has been providing childcare in the area for over 28 years (formally known as Scalliwags Pre-School).

Our aim is to provide a fun, stimulating and secure environment where children can develop individuality and independence, whilst experiencing learning through play. We work very closely with parents and carers to help achieve the best possible outcomes and to ease the transition to life at primary school.


We have vast experience in supporting SEN and EAL children reach their individual development goals. Working together with Specialist teaching services, Equality and Inclusion and Speech and Language and SENIF practitioners to maximize the opportunities available to the children.


The Setting is run by a Setting’s Manager, whose job running the business and regulatory side of Scalliwags, means that the care and educational development of the children can be concentrated on by the Children’s Manager and her team. Thus, freeing them up to spend their time solely with the children. Playing with them whilst carrying out observations, planning next steps and being creative in the seven areas of learning . Weekly topics, external visitors and evaluation of the child’s voice means that children thrive in the environment.

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